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A Letter from an Alumna: Kierstyn Paré

When I was in first year, I told myself that I wouldn’t join a sorority. In addition to that lie, I also told myself I didn’t have time, wouldn’t fit in and couldn’t afford it.

I still remember my first recruitment event like it was yesterday. It was a tea party styled get together that my roommates convinced me to attend. I rolled my eyes… “I don’t even like tea.”

It was at this event that I met all of the active Delta Zeta sisters, including Shontal Cargill, the chapter President at the time. Meeting Shontal was the deciding factor for me when it came to joining Delta Zeta.

Shontal was (and still is) everything I want to be and look up to. She inspired me to be a stronger leader and work hard. She inspired me to grow and learn every single day. Shontal is not only the reason I joined Delta Zeta but she was also the reason I went on to become the Omicron Nu Chapter President in 2015.

Fast forward to today, nearly 6 years later, I’ve opened up my own digital marketing freelance business in Toronto and I owe a huge amount of its success to the things that Delta Zeta taught me.

Delta Zeta taught me to be a leader. In fact, running a sorority is a lot like running a business. Delta Zeta taught me to be patient which, honestly, I think everyone can learn to be a little more of. Delta Zeta taught me about community, philanthropy and authenticity. Most importantly though, Delta Zeta taught me to believe in myself.

Growing up, I told myself these lies - “You’re not good enough.” “You’re not smart enough.” “People won’t like you because you’re awkward.” “You’re too loud.” “You’re too outgoing.” Delta Zeta taught me that these lies I was telling myself were just that… lies. It showed me that I have to stop worrying about what other people think and just be my true authentic self. It showed me that I am good enough and I am worthy of the love and attention I give others.

A huge part of being successful is believing in yourself and I am so grateful to Delta Zeta and the women in it for giving me the strength and confidence to believe in myself every single day. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the experience that DZ gave me.

DZ, you helped build me.

- Kierstyn Paré

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Kierstyn Paré
Kierstyn Paré
Oct 01, 2019

Britt! Thanks so much for your comment. That's honestly so sweet! So glad we connected through DZ.


Brittany Postma
Brittany Postma
Sep 30, 2019

Great post, Kierstyn! I think it is so wonderful to acknowledge Shontal and all the great work she did as an active member; she was a huge deciding factor for me as well (love you Big). I remember one of the first times talking to you, Kierstyn, when I was President's Assistant and you were asking me about it since you wanted to be the next assistant, and one day wanted to be president. I thought this was so awesome and knew right then that you would go on to do great things!

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