A word from MADAM President


Growing up I never really had a clear idea of what a sorority was. As a first-generation member of Greek life, I had heard of sororities in

movies and TV shows, but nothing I heard could have ever prepared

me for what my time in Delta Zeta would bring me. 

My name is Elisa Quaggiotto, and I am honored to serve as the current Chapter President. I encourage you to take a look through our website to catch a glimpse of what our sisterhood is all about.


At the University of Windsor, students are given numerous opportunities in leadership and are encouraged to find their place in the world. Our chapter helps provide our members with these opportunities and give them a support system of empowering women to stand by them through it all.

When I began my journey at UWindsor, I knew that I wanted to find a place to connect on campus. Going to university and meeting people can feel intimidating, but I was determined to find a place that I could think of as ‘home’.


The recruitment process was completely new to me and nothing could have prepared me for it. I distinctly remember wondering if this was the right decision. Wondering if I belonged in a sorority. My experience meeting the women of Delta Zeta changed my life. I walked into the room and every single woman I met was uniquely herself. Surrounding myself with these women made me feel like I could be my most authentic self, while simultaneously feeling inspired to continue to better myself. These sorority women were leaders on campus and in their communities. They held themselves and each other to high academic standards. They championed philanthropic causes for people in our community and people around the world. They knew that they were part of something bigger and had to consistently crusade for justice. They empowered each other and every woman and human that they met.

Part of the human condition is the consistency of change. I have changed so much in my almost 4 years at the University of Windsor,

and I would be remiss if I didn’t credit Delta Zeta for so much of my journey. Delta Zeta enabled me to have a direct impact on my community and work with over 70 women on bettering the world. Through Delta Zeta, I have developed leadership skills in myself that I could not have even imagined before I joined. I have met dozens of Delta Zeta sisters from around the world who share my values. I have met some of the most generous, compassionate, intelligent, and inspiring women. My Delta Zeta sisters empower me everyday to be more than I ever imagined.


Delta Zeta is my home. We empower each other to become better versions of ourselves. We hold each other to a higher standard because we know what we are capable of. Delta Zeta is a group of diverse women who are making a difference in each other’s lives, and in the lives of everyone we meet. We are future lawyers, engineers, accountants, teachers, medical professionals, and more. We constantly strive to give our best selves to the world and to create a soft place for each of our sisters to land. The sisterhood and belonging I have found in Delta Zeta is remarkable and steadfast. 

Our sorority was founded on values to be empowered to lead and serve, and to be global citizens, and to see the friendship and belonging we will take on our journey with us. We hope you are encouraged by our purpose to be lifelong learners and to give graciously. We can’t wait to share who we are with you!

With Love that is Ever Steadfast,

Elisa Quaggiotto