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Recruitment Update

Interested in joining a sorority? Delta Zeta is recruiting girls who share our values like you! Click the link to notify us that you are interested in joining DZ and we will reach out to you! Get to know some of our sisters virtually from your home and see if Delta Zeta is a great fit for you. We look forward to hearing from you!


A note from our Recruitment chair

Dear Potential New Member of Delta Zeta,


      My name is Mikayla Dawber and I am honoured and privileged to serve Delta Zeta as the Vice President of Membership. I cannot express the excitement and joy I feel when I think about getting the chance to meet you during recruitment.


      The weeks of recruitment at the beginning of each semester are all about you. You can be assured that the girls of the Omicron Nu chapter have been hard at work preparing for your arrival. The six founders of our sorority began Delta Zeta based on the values of sisterly love, friendship, academics, philanthropy/service, and the promotion of an excellent chapter. All the girls of the chapter are looking forward to exemplifying these pillars of our sorority to you.


       I hope that you are excited to find your home, here in Delta Zeta, just as I did. I was drawn to this chapter by the radiating joy from all members, the connections with the girls I made since I first joined, and the love that everyone has for this organization.


       The Delta Zeta sisters and myself, can’t wait to meet you and wish you all the best of luck during recruitment! Feel free to add me on social media to talk to me about Delta Zeta!


Truly, Mikayla Dawber

Vice President of Membership

Instagram: @mikayla.dawber


Meet our new member educator 

The Vice President of New Member Education prepares our New Members for initiation by teaching them Delta Zeta history, our creed, rituals, values, and general processes. This year's New Member Educator is Kristen Lovric.


What Kristen has to say! 

          As the VP of New Member Education, I’ll be the person to help you (the PNM’s) through every step, teaching you and mentoring you in every way possible.

         I’ll be someone you can come to for help, whether it’s Delta Zeta related, academics or for something more personal, I want to get to know each and every one of you. I am so excited to get the chance to take such a leadership position within the chapter, and getting the chance to know all of our new sisters on a personal level is near and dear to my heart. It means a lot to me to see our new sisters educated in our history, our traditions, our sisterhood, and much more, especially getting the chance to teach it to you in the best way possible. After going through recruitment and the new member process, now three years ago, I can tell you it’s probably the best decision I’ve ever made.                   Just some words of encouragement and advice for PNM’s; be yourself, talk to as many girls as you can, and remember, we all went through the same thing that you’re currently going through and I can tell you every minute of it is worth it and to cherish it, my first year in Delta Zeta was definitely one of my favorites and I would not change it for the world. 


Kristen Lovric

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