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Delta Zeta's live by our four pillars: academics, sisterhood, philanthropy and leadership. We value our higher education, creating lasting friendships, networking with campus organizations, and giving back all that we can. We exemplify the values of a Delta Zeta in our everyday lives to become global citizens and encourage others to do the same. Being a part of Delta Zeta is a once in a lifetime experience that is Truly Amazing.

A note from our Recruitment chair

Dear Potential New Member of Delta Zeta,


My name is Elisa Quaggiotto and I am honoured and privileged to serve as the Delta Zeta Vice President of Membership. I cannot express the joy and excitement I feel when I begin to think about meeting you during recruitment. 


The anticipated weeks of recruitment are all about you. I can assure you that the members of the Omicron Nu chapter have been hard at work preparing for your arrival. The six founders of our sorority began Delta Zeta based on values of sisterly love and friendship, academics, philanthropy and service, and the promotion of excellent character. The members of this chapter look forward to exemplifying these pillars of our sorority to you.


I hope that you are excited to find your home, here in Delta Zeta, just as I did. I was drawn to this amazing chapter by the radiating joy from the members, the tradition upheld throughout recruitment, connecting with girls from all over the province, and the honest love for their chapter and sisters that every woman displayed. 


My sisters and I can’t wait to meet you and wish you all the best of luck during recruitment!


Elisa Quagiotto

Vice President of Membership

Meet our new member educator 

The Vice President of New Member Education prepares our New Members for initiation by teaching them Delta Zeta history, our creed, rituals, values, and general processes. This year's New Member Educator is Katelyn McPherson.


Why did you Decide to become the New Member Educator? 

I decided to become New Member Educator because I wanted to take on a leadership position within the sorority and this position fit my passion and personality the best. I have such a strong love for Delta Zeta and I want to pass that passion on to the new members. 


What are you most excited for during your term?

I am most excited to see all the new members find their place in Delta Zeta. I love watching them grow and become strong leaders. 


What is your favoUrite thing about Delta Zeta?

My favourite thing about Delta Zeta is knowing that my sisters always have my back. If there is ever a time I’m lonely or having a bad day I reach out and almost instantly someone is on their way to where I am to cheer me up. It’s incredible. 


What do you want the Potential New Members to know before  Formal Recruitment?

I want the new members to remember to be themselves. I know it sounds cliche but it’s true. I am my true self around my sisters and they love me for it. When you show us your true self during recruitment that’s what we fall in love with and that’s why we want you to join.